There is no more option for switching between Local and World dynamics. How to control it now? Could I have something average between dynamic and animation input to control?

Many thanks.

here couple of ideas and thoughts about it.

A- You can use “Custom” and play between values -1 to 0 , that should give you something . Help with the Stiffness and Damping.

B- You can use the layers to blend with your animation. Record a SIM that you like, and then blend the weith value of the Anim Layer.

C- If you want to use your blocking and as HARD guide, let say the chest or the HIP or the COG… set those markers to "WORLD “0” - or Kinematic … then the children markers set them to Local/dynamic and play with the stiffness and Damping . find your middle ground… once you have something that you like it… record it, THEN , see if RUNNING a SIM on WOLRD of the new layer give you some extra nice stuff… usually it does.

hope this helps.

Thanks for responding.

Notes for “A-option”:
Since I updated to the new version there is no WORLD/LOCAL/CUSTOM anymore. That’s kind of a problem because I get used to controlling SIM in the process.

I’m afraid B and C are not an options for me ;(

Everything is local now, and the Pin Constraint is the “world” option from before.

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Hi @marcus

I can’t seem to recreate a rig that mimics what this rig can do.

Seems like all the video tutorials are using the previous method. Could you mind sharing a workflow on how to create it with the new method?


Hi @marcus

Actually I was able to figure something that works.

I used a standard rig and did a Pin Constrain on the Control Curves and I did the Pin Location to Constrained, so they are following the controller.

I played with the Translate and Rotate Stiffness and Damping and found this works.

Curious if you have any thoughts on this and if you have any suggestions that works better?
Do you suggest applying markers on the Joint Structure? or on the controller curves
Thank you.

That looks good to me. The only thing I’d adjust is the thicknesses. It is much too thin, the Stiffness parameters will be very weak and it will generally act like a stick figure.

Got it. Thanks @marcus.

Curious if it’s possible to animate with a control rig with physics on in real time?
Ive tried working with Live Mode, but it doesnt seem to update.
Thank you.