Live mode transfer causes objects to jump

When using live mode, I wanted to overstock these shelves in my set. But when I hit transfer they all jump. The original geo that was assigned to is frozen, and origins were centered too. Changing scene scale didn’t seem to work either?

Thanks for reporting this, would it be possible to send a scene we can have a look at, or the exported .rag file of what you have recorded here? If neither of those are possible, is there any way we can reproduce this from scratch, e.g.

  1. Create cube
  2. Assign to cube
  3. Enter Live Mode
  4. Transfer

I dont have the bug when reproducing from scratch…
let me get the .rag file

I just fixed it, i believe i totally underestimated the scale amount i had to fix, as well as making sure my groups didn’t have transforms on them, also when i duplicated objects to fill the shelves i think I overlooked freezing those too

I noticed you were using the 2023.04.xx release, in which case it makes sense that this would struggle. It doesn’t do that well with pivots and hierarchy.

The latest release just saw an update to this called “Universal Transfer” and will work much better; regardless of hierarchy or pivots. Here are some examples.

Ragdoll 2023.10.05

Shift+click on the transfer button to enter “Distraction-Free Posing”, i.e. to automatically transfer the pose once you finish dragging to see your native Maya shadows and lighting.

And just for fun, make the entire environment Simulated for some cool effects. :blush: