Live Mode not always matching poses

Hi Ragdoll people,

absolutely in love with the newest update. Spent the past few days playing around with it, but running into a little trouble with live posing and transferring said pose back to the rig. In most of my ragdolled characters (which are admittedly very primitive slapdash rigs) they don’t always match the poses well, or once they are transferred back to the joints, end up strange angles. I’m probably doing something wrong, but I haven’t yet found out what it is!

Thanks for reporting this.

Can you confirm whether you have any limits on the arms? Can you try unlocking the rotate channels if so? I think this is related to some orientations not being possible with the currently locked channels. This can happen with complex limits; limits with axes that don’t align with the Maya axes.

If possible, are you able to upload the .rag file for this? That would enable me to test for this case specifically.

Thank you for the prompt response!

Yes, there were limits on every marker, but turning them off yielded the same result. As this is supposed to be a sort of marionette, the limits were pretty generous anyway.

Axes/limits something like this. Joint orientation badly optimized - could that be a factor?

I’m on Ragdoll Complete, and this puppet is far beyond the ten marker limit I’m afraid!

Limits are fine, you can keep those. But look at the Rotate X, Y and Z channels of those joints, in the Maya Channel Box. Are they locked? See if unlocking them helps to transfer the simulated values back onto the joints.

No, they’re completely clear. As far as I can see there’s nothing else influencing them.

Okay, good/bad news - I completely redid the skeleton and took a bit more care checking orientations and such, and as you can see:

As you can see - seems to be completely down to shoddy rigging on my end!

Both good and bad news indeed! It should cope with any skeleton you throw at it, so I’d love to get to the bottom of what went wrong above. Would you be able to send the Maya file? You can exclude the mesh if you’d like, I really only need the skeleton and possibly Markers too; as Capsules is fine too.

Sent you the file!

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