Live mode manipulators gone

Hello! i was trying the live mode with a custom character when suddenly the manipulators just disappeared, any idea of how can i get them back? Thanks!

Hi @Robin_Ciriaco, welcome to the forums! :partying_face:

Which manipulators are you referring to? The native ones for Blender? They would reappear once you exit the Ragdoll Manipulator.

Can you give this a try?

Marcus! thanks a lot, just bought ragdolI dynamics some weeks ago and i been really enjoying it!

About the manipulators i mean about the ragdoll ones inside the live mode (select, pinch, translate, etc ) i see in the video you don’t have them either, is there a shortcut to hide/unhide them? and does the manipulator have shortcuts to change between them? Thanks!!

Aha oh yes, they are collapsed. Press the Live Mode button again to un-collapse them. Not super-intuitive, I see that now. Let me know how it goes.

Currently no, but they will be getting a proper overhaul soon which includes keyboard shortcuts.

Oh i see! thanks for helping me! and I’m really exited news and updates!

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