Live Mode Frame per seconds with HUD


I just started ragdoll dynamics and I’m curious if I find a live mode Frame Rate feature in HUD.

As you may know, the playback in Live Mode is different from that of Maya’s timeline, so when I am recording animation cache in live mode in real time, it sometimes comes out much fast than I expected.

I’m worried about how it’ll be recorded when I don’t see the timeline in interaction mode with Live mode, especially by activating the interaction mode in Live mode, especially when I move the pin and there’s a slight lag

if the FPS display is not currently included in live mode, is there a possibility it might be considered in future updates?

Thank you in advance for responses.

Hi @CenterPivot, welcome to the forums! :partying_face:

This doesn’t sound right; the playback speed should match Maya’s playback speed, e.g. 24 fps.

Can you confirm this is what you see?

To evaluate speed, the timeline in Live Mode represents the timeline in Maya. So 50 frames in there is 50 frames in Maya.

Nice to meet you, @marcus . I am glad to join this forum.

I use 30fps in maya, because I think this simulation based animating method is useful for high-frame-rate animating.

I found that when I use both live mode playback and maya playback, live mode seems to play slower. I will submit the video.

(ignore broken animated dog. I just wanted to show the difference between playback speeds.)

(this is my timeline setting.)

Of course, there may be no difference between what you see and what you actually record. Maybe it’s just that I’m conscious of the difference in play speed.

When I use Livemode playback and marker interaction in maya playspeed at the same time, there seems to be a delay in Livemode as well. or maybe it’s just my illusion.

So I think it would be nice to be able to check FPS in Live mode.

Hi @CenterPivot, sorry for the delay. I’m curious what the intention is here; why is Maya playing back at the same time as Live Mode? Live Mode has a timeline of its own and is not meant to playback simultaneously. It breaks my brain to think about what should happen, so I’m curious to learn about what you are looking for?

It would make sense for their playback rates to differ to some extent; the operate on different mechanisms for evaluating when to step from one frame to another. Maya runs it internal evaluation, measures how long it takes, and if it finishes before the desired 1/30th second it will wait until it reaches that time before stepping time. Live Mode on the other hand is runs via a callback that is somewhat independent of the Maya evaluation. That’s how you can make changes without changing Maya’s time, but then also playback when Maya is playing back.

It’s possible to have these interlock and run together, but again I’m very curious to learn what you hope to get out of it.

Adding an FPS counter is possible, it just should never be necessary to know since it should always be real-time at a similar framerate. I think the reason it hovers around the framerate here is because it’s struggling to keep up with Maya evaluating at the same time.

Hi @marcus , thank you for reply.

I apologize if my questions are causing any inconvenience.

Just to be clear, I had certain reason to use FPS.

However, I think it’ll take a long time to post that in text because I write using a translator.

I will organize and write the post with the videos sometime next week.

I am keen to understand and appreciate your patience and assistance.

No problem, with visual examples of what you have in mind I’m sure we can overcome any language barrier. Take your time.