Live link for UE5 or real-time workflow for Virtual productions

Hi there. I’m a CFX artist with some experience in Previz, currently switching to Real-time and Virtual Productions! I will probably have some basic character animation to do in the future… so I was wondering if you already have a live link with Unreal Engine or a proper real-time workflow that I could use ?


Hey @Hervus,

The native live link between Maya and Unreal will work just fine with Ragdoll too.

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I don’t know why, I thought you had a standalone as well !!! My bad
In that case, of course as you mentioned there is the live link for Maya! I would like to avoid Autodesk products now and switched to Blender!
Then, any plans to develop on Add-on? :slight_smile:

The plans are all locked away in a tower with a dragon at the base, so I could not say! :dragon_face: