Live action & simulation

I used my phone as a tracker that affects simulation in live action


Haha amazing, especially the burst of laughter at the end haha. I can’t wait to finish what we’re working on in this area, to make interactive animation like this much more capable and fun. Great work, more to come from us as well!

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I was very intrigued. :star_struck: When will the new update released that you are working on?

It’s next on the list, following the 1.0 of Ragdoll for Blender.

About your camera experiment, would it be possible to share some details? How did you get Maya to respond to your camera?

I connected this with this plugin in the link bellow, I have import camera than parented moved objects to the camera


Very cool! Didn’t know a like this was available! Going to give it a go, thanks for sharing