Limit problems


  • can’t set assymetrical limit or move it unless edit this property manually. This happens on random bones and different rigs, not only this time
  • in this rig I can’t edit axis limit more than 90 degrees. This happens only on the thigh bone here
    Any solution? Is these bugs or I just need to do something different?

Hi @Apesie, welcome to the forums! :partying_face:

Hm, it looks like you are doing it right, but there is something odd about your Blender tools panel on the left-hand side, have you got any customisations to you UI that might play a part? There is also something odd about the perspective of your camera, is this an orthographic view by any chance?

Could you try this:

  1. In a new scene with factory settings
  2. Create a bone chain
  3. Assign to it
  4. Edit the limits

Does the problem still occur? This would help us narrow down where this particular error comes from.

  • just a standard blender UI, no customisations used. Blender 3.6.2
  • yes, it’s an orthograthic view

You know, when you mentioned it, I see now that It was an orthograthic view problem with limit’s handles, now I can move limits as I want, but the problem with 90 degrees still occurs only on these two thigh bones and even reset can’t change it.

No, there is no such problem with 90 deg after these steps. But it only happened once on this rig. I wiil write, if this problem will repeat on some other rig.

Also, the addon changes rotation mode from quaternion to XYZ. Is this necessarily? Because I have many old animation files and I use them often for new actions, but to make them work with a different rotation mode on a bone will be just like dancing with the tambourine)

Great, thanks for reporting back. I can confirm that the limit gizmos struggle with an orthographic view, this is a bug.

Yes indeed, I discovered this myself just yesterday and have a fix ready. I’ll ping you in this thread once it’s ready.

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Thanks, Marcus!