License switching back to Personal for unknown reason

Hey all,
For some reason my setup that is working in one Maya session as Unlimited reverts back to Personal Complete when I open another Maya. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. I am going to export physics and reimport. But that doesn’t take the solver settings along with it.

I am able to Export Physics, reopen in the other Maya and Import Physics. But that is the only way.

Hey @Geordie_Martinez, I can reproduce this here. Something is happening, unclear why. It seems that any saved scene turns into a non-commercial scene. Investigating now.

An update on this, I’ve identified the problem and am uploading a new release within the next hour.

Post Mortem

The problem is related to how Ragdoll distinguishes between files saved using a non-commercial version of Ragdoll from a commercial version. This mechanism was time-dependent, and as it happens, today’s date is the perfect storm of numerical errors.

So I’m deprecating this functionality for the next and future releases.

This does however mean that any file that anyone has saved today, in the past 3 hours or so, are incorrectly considered non-commercial by Ragdoll.

Temporary Solution

To address this using your current version of Ragdoll, here’s what you can do.

  1. Save your file as .ma
  2. Open the .ma in a text editor, such as Notepad or Sublime Text or Gedit
  3. (Do not use a “rich text” editor, like Wordpad or Google Docs)
  4. Remove any line containing the word rdData
  5. Save the file

The lines you are looking for looks similar to this, except with a different number.

	setAttr ".comm" -type "rdData" 1879056384;

Remove this complete line, and you can now open the file without having it downgrade your licence.

Permanent Solution

To address this permanently, you’ll need to update to the patched version that is on its way in less than an hour. One moment.

whew. thought I was going crazy. Okay will download the fix when it’s available.

Here’s a script you can use to fix a newly saved .ma file.

  1. Using version 2022.03.15 or below
  2. Save your scene as .ma
  3. Run the script

It will remove any line with rdData in it, without requiring you to open it in a text editor. From here you can open the file without getting downgraded.

import os

scenefile = cmds.file(sn=True, query=True)
if not scenefile:
    raise ValueError("Save your scene as .ma first")

if not scenefile.endswith(".ma"):
    raise ValueError("Must save scene as .ma for this to work")

contents = []
with open(scenefile) as f:
    for line in f:
        if '"rdData"' in line:

with open(scenefile, "w") as f:


Will return with a link to a patched version.

Ok, here we go.

2022.03.16 Hotfix


Any problems, let me know.

thanks, I was about to post the same issue but I see it was already posted and the solution works, too. That’s quite some fast response, Marcus : D

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Nearly had a heart attack. :sweat_smile:

Agreed. I am super happy with how responsive you are. I was able to get my shot out.


I see this in the script editor from the new hotfix. Does this raise any concerns?

Please check the Script Editor for details. // 
// File read in  6.9 seconds. // 
# Warning: Unknown object type: rdScene # 
# Warning: Unknown object type: rdRigid # 
# Warning: Unknown object type: rdRigidMultiplier # 
# Warning: Unknown object type: rdConstraintMultiplier # 
# Warning: Unknown object type: rdScene #

These are relics of the past, they were showing up in the Script Editor on scene-open when Ragdoll was looking for nodes to upgrade. But these nodes have since been removed, and the latest version will no longer print this warning.