Lets make a Stampede of Rhinos!

Rhino Stampede

This will be a play by play on the progress…

What we’re going to go over ?

  • Spaces are your friend - what space to use and when to use it.
  • Mixing cycles in the time editor
  • Linking multiple solvers together to get Rhinos interacting with each other .
  • More will be added to this list as we go …

Why a stampede of Rhinos? … why not… But what do we need?

  • :heavy_check_mark: Rhino RIg (link coming)
  • :heavy_check_mark: Rough Animation Cycles - Run Gallop (link coming)
  • :heavy_check_mark: Environment for the Stampede to run in.

OK lets begin …

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Reference in the Rig

Lets drop him to see the cool Jiggle


Load the animation Clip

The TimeEditor is great for mixing clips.

This Loops your Clip

This Retimes your Clip

This moves your Clip

Be Free Rhino!

Lets see what space to use when he’s running to keep him upright

We’re currently in custom space this is a mixture of world and local and you can blend between them.

  • -1 is Local and will look at the relative rotation and position
  • 1 is world where it gets its Absolute position and rotation

only the chest marker is custom the rest is local

watch how when I slide the custom slider from 0 to -1 the Rhino is still doing the cycle but falls over > 0 on custom is a mix of local and worlds

Time to go a bit Advanced

In Advanced Pose in the AttributeEditor I Tweak some things…

  • Pose Twist Amount I put to 0 this is like having ‘z’ rotations free and not locked to an Absolute world location/rotation
  • World Pose Translation I put to 0 as well… this ignores the Absolute world space position

NOTE! I could choose to have X , Y or Z Position still be effecting my Sim ( will go more indepth on this further down the thread )

Back to the Run!

Lets speed it up!

Look at em go!

Lets add that Gallop Cycle …

you can also load another cycle and retime it to break up the repetitive nature of the cycle …

Moving clips over eachother blends them together MAGIC

Lets add a Run at the end… just copy and past the first clip or import the clip again. Move the Run clip over the Gallop to blend them .

NOTE!! blending the clips might take some adjustment to get the transition timing just right

Lets see what we have without Editing


Ok time to adjust the timing.

I’m going to pump up the Pose Strength to get more glue on the animation input into the sim.

Almost done!.. well one Rhino at least…

Time to bake and get some lights, cameras and see the action :slight_smile:


Lets see the Action…

Next update will be about adding more …much more Rhinos… and some Space settings

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Spaces… whos space? your space? local space? world Space? Custom Space? SPACE SPACE !!!

Spaces are a way to pin your markers to your rig or just have the character wriggling around on the floor.

NOTE : The solver has been moved over to the side to better see input vs output.

Ok lets get into it. I’m only going to be changing the chest space to get the rhino to stay upright when running, you can change spaces on any marker.

Local Space

What do we see?

  • Our rhino falls to the ground but is still following the input animation - run run run,
  • There’s nothing holding or pinning the rhino to the rigs location.

Lets put the chest into world space.

World Space

What do we see?

  • Our rhino is now being pinned to the rig it’s keeping its position in the world, and where in the world is that? the rig.
  • The rest of the body is still in Local Space its just being held in place by that one marker that’s in World Space.
  • There is some give in the connection we can get a stronger connection by upping the pose Strength
    Lets up the pose Strength.

NOTE! : notice how the the spine connected to the chest gets a bit loose ? if we use custom space this gets a bit more structured connection which we’ll see in … Custom Space

Custom Space

What do we see?

  • The spine now has a stronger shape.
  • We still have the strong connection to the rig as our value is at 10 on pose Strength.

NOTE! : -1 on custom space = local space and 1 = world space and everything in-between is a mix of both - this value can be animated too.

Lets take the pose Strength down a bit.

Advanced Time!

World space and also Custom space (since its a mix of local and world) can be broken down into pinning in just World Translation xyz or World Rotation . by default they are both on.

Lets remove the World Pose Translation our rhino will now drop but will keep its rotation in world space this will help stabilize our rhino — are you trying to fall over? nope the rotation isnt falling over I’m not going to fall over … These values are found in the `attribute editor` for now

Our rhino is now staying upright and running forward AMAZING!

Lets see what only World Pose Translation without World Pose Rotation looks like …

He’s Pinned in place!

What happens when we turn both off? you guessed right! nothing holding it will behave as though its in local` space

I mentioned Translation xyz … lets see how this works say if I want to control the position of my character in X and Z and have Y be free… this is great for uneven terrain…

Ok, I’m going to make World Pose Translate and Rotate back to 1 and in World Pose Translate XYZ I’m going to make Y = 0 – our rhino is now staying put but his up and down is frreee.

Lets move our rhino around a bit… as you can see it’s following the X and Z but Y is free… if Y was active our rhino would be dangling in the air pinned to our rig.

This can be great for having more control over where your character is when planning out a shot.

Now that I’ve show you some space stuff here’s another way of working, keeping everything in Local Space not using World or Custom… Lets talk about PIN CONSTRAINTS


You might have noticed me dropping the word pin a bit… well this is why, Here is a workflow if you are finding spaces are a bit confusing. The results works in a way I’ve just been showing with spaces

I’m going to create Pin Constraints for anything that I want to be ‘Pinned’ to my rig.

Pins are a new shape that can be animated or constrained to anything. The Marker will Pinned to its location wherever that may be.

Lets constrain our pin to the Chest. This will now move where my rig is for perfect pinnage.

Pin Constraints have 4 attributes currently. They are :

  • Translation Stiffness ---------(think of this as World Pose Translate)
  • Translation Damping
  • Rotate Stiffness -----------------(think of this as World Pose Rotation)
  • Rotate Damping

By default they are pretty low … Lets make Translation Stiffness 1 and Rotate Stiffness 0 … look familiar ? and put turning up the Rotate Stiffness we get the feel of it holding to our rig as if it were in Custom space I say custom because the rhino still has its local strength holding the pose together nicely (remember the loose back?)

So now we can use the Rotate Stiffness to keep our character upright and have its translation be simulated by having the Translation Stiffness at 0

Lets freeform key frame these values to pin the chest back to the rig.

To show it’s pinned to the rig I’m going to have the rig move forwards – in the parts where the chest is pinned you can see it moving with the rig.


I’m going to do a bit more pin constraint workflow and lets get a bunch of these running down a gully smashing into each other!

Rhino Rig!

Here it is! I cleaned it up a bit for you guys. The Rig is just joints with skin weights ( who needs controls? am I right? )
RhinoRig.zip (5.1 MB)
Clips_Textures.zip (3.6 MB)

There are 2 animation clips in there that you can load through the time editor.

Have fun stampeding :slight_smile:

Any questions, please reply in this thread .

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