Lack of features for Cloth Sim

Ive been using Ragdoll and im seeing examples on how to create cloth simulation for Capes, Skirts, Hair and so on. And given the cape example, I think Ragdoll lacks a couple of features to better support it.
I can create multiple single chains of joints that follow along a skirt mesh for example, but the chains are not influencing one another. I can have one of the chains collide against the leg, but their neighbour is not influenced by it, so the cloth stretched weirdly.
I tried using the Attach Constraint to make the interconnected, but they break a multiple places. And could find a reasonable setup for it.

Is there a roadmap of features that target cloth sim?

Hi Felipe,

There are loose plans for cloth, but it’s honestly outside the scope of this project. Ragdoll is intended for ragdolls and there are already so many great cloth solutions out there, like nCloth and Vellum.

The examples we’ve got are mostly targeted to games and short films, where simulation of joints for cloth is more common.

Sorry about this, there is only so many uses we can cover.

yeah, maybe I used the term cloth sim incorrectly, my use case is mainly targeted at games, baking simulation into joints. Mostly what I see lacking is a way to connect chains to each other, so they can push/pull each other.

Aha, yes in that case let’s establish what you’ve tried already.

Have you seen this?

Those Distance Constraints could probably be replaced with Attach Constraints today for more control.

Do you have any examples of what you’ve tried so far and what you find challenging?