Keep the Ball rolling

I just want to share this exercise that I created .

I started with a simple cube animating and end up doing
some nice loop…
then I thought …“how about if I start integrating this animations with some RAGDOLL…?” …

first result… Bouncing ball exercise ! back to basics !

I use the grp of cubes as markers /Animated and run the SIM of the Sphere,… simple but nice


Very cool. Wonder what would happen if you gave each cube a Translate Motion = Soft and a slight Translate Stiffness? :slight_smile:

Hey Marcus ! thanks… this is so FUN !!!

I tried the soft option… kind of give nice cushion effect ! thats awesome !!! turn off the self collisions , gave some extra density , a bit of bouncing and there we have a nice elastic net effect !

  • additional I dropped the Biped character on it… and these are some results


Soft and Fun! (but my Maya is crashing when I simulate, gave me hard time)

Updating after playing a bit with the toy !

this is so fun!

Very cool. :slight_smile: They collide with each other, keeping them from returning to their original position. If you give them all the same Overlap Group, or add a Collision Group to them from the Ragdoll → Edit menu, then they’ll push the ball but won’t collide with each other, closer to the original motion.

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So fun ! works Great!

I have few fun ideas in mind…
I will keep posting in this post

Cheers and thanks Marcus

New ideas… “thinking out of the box…”

How about using RG for deconstruction animations…!! so fun and much control!


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