Joints vs. Controls!

Hey all, it’s been a minute since I’ve last used Ragdoll so I’m a tad out of the loop. Now, in the latest vids from two weeks ago, I see Markers being tossed onto the joints rather than the controls, but in earlier tutorials Markers were tossed onto the rig controls themselves.

So what is the preferred workflow when working with rigged characters (with controls) that will be handed animated but use Ragdoll to augment the animation?

Thank guys!!


Hey @StevenB, glad to have you back! Don’t forget to include a link to what you saw, “latest vids” can mean many things and will likely mean different things over time.

I’ll assume you mean this.

Whereby the first video assigns Markers to the control, and the second to the joints. To Ragdoll, it does not matter where things are assigned; it just needs something to follow. In the case of the second video, joints were followed because they were driven by IK controls. You likely want Ragdoll following the final motion of your character, whether that comes directly from controls - as is commonly the case for FK controls - or whether that motion is coming from IK or Spline IK or some other mechanism.

Your second consideration is where you want keyframes written. Typically this would be on the controls you use as an animator, rather than the final motion like joints. The second video walks through retargeting from joints → controls.

Hope it helps!

Thank you it’s great to be back!

Great answer and yea now I better understand what’s going on especially after hammering all day on that other issue I was having.

Thank you yet again man!!