Jason's Crab madness! -- Tips, Tricks and Tutorials

Hey Everyone!

Here’s a quick Tutorial showing some workflows that might come in handy.

Time taken : :clock1: 30 min start to finish

I go over :

  • Pin Constraints
  • Reparenting
  • Linking Solvers for characters to interact.

More to come :slight_smile: :crab:


it seems easy, but it’s not easy :smiley: great work Jason

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I’m curious which part looks challenging? Is it the pin and hierarchy trick Jason’s doing?

Crab Climb

Time taken :clock1: 30 minutes

I cover the use of :

  • Distance Constraints for grabbing
  • Pin Constraint for controlling the angle of the crab when swinging.

How’s Everyone doing? any requests?

Change your end position of a sim.

Here’s a quick example using World Space on the crabs body,

  • I first Simulate the crab falling and rolling.
  • I Record ONLY to the body ctrl.
  • I use this animation to drive the crab and adjust its end position.
  • I turn the Maker to World Space and remove any Y input ( this lets the sim deal with the Y position

This way you’ll have all the rolls and speed of the sim you liked but in a new location and rotation.

Disclaimer : this isn’t changing the sim to reach the end desired position… we not there… YET…

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