Issue with the manipulator

Hello again, I was happily starting on a new ragdoll rig, but I’ve found this issue and I don’t understand if it’s caused by something wrong in my own maya file or it’s a bug.

After creating the capsules with assign and connect, i was just using the manipulator to change sizes etc, and I did for a while, until it stopped working. As you can see in the video, when i click on manipulator I can only select some capsules, but not most of them.

I know that the manipulator doesnt work past the first frame of the timeline, but im at frame 0 and still cant select parts. I restarted maya just in case, but the issue persists. I created a new ragdoll rig just to test the manipulator, and it does work on that. For reference i have maya 2022.2

Do you have any idea of what could have happened?


Could there be multiple solvers in the scene? I’m thinking the body might be part of a separate solver. If you select the head Marker, and enable the Manipulator, are you able to select the body parts but not the wings?

If so, have a look at merging the solvers.

If not, does re-opening the scene change anything? Are you able to reproduce this on a smaller scene, something we can do on our end? Or are you able to send a file with the problem? E.g. upload it to the forum (7mb max).