Issue with adding items with assign and connect

Hey, been a while that I didn’t set up a new ragdoll, and im sure i’m doing something wrong.

as you can see in the video, when i press play everything looks fine, however after i add any of the fingers and press play again, i cant see anything anymore.
I have the playback set to play every frame and no maya caching either.

It’s probably flying off somewhere, try increasing the substeps and iterations on the solver.

But moving forward, I would suggest avoiding any gaps between Markers, such as between the hand and thumb, and spine and legs. Those things can trip up Ragdoll, as it is an unrealistic way that two things fit together.

Secondly, the sizes of things are also very different. The spine is ultimately what’s holding onto that arm, and has vastly less volume than it does. Once they get a reasonable size - typically similar to the model you are working with - things should get more stable and require less substeps and iterations.

Hey Marcus thanks for the quick answer!

I found the issue, for some reason the last control of each finger was creating a capsule of 0 length and radius, thus sending the whole thing in orbit.

now i replaced all with lowpoly meshes and it works as it should


Capsules with 0 length turn into spheres, those shouldn’t cause any issue. What could cause issues is if that sphere is so small that the difference between the parent - or any connected Marker - is too large. Like a sphere 0.1 mm in size connected to a finger 10 meters long. Ragdoll prefers things to stay as similarly sized and connected as possible; the further off it goes, the more time (that is, substeps) it will need to solve it.