Interactive mode? Non-recording live mode?

Hey so I simply want to be able to not record and just use the live mode doll and pose with it, keyframe in maya 0 issues cause currently it just records for however long and continuously records, I feel like I have almost no control with the plugin… Also PLEASE consider implementing this control system from rumba for locking controls for a limb so we have way better movement control regardless of camera position:

Ctrl = back and forth, Ctrl+Shift = side lock, no buttons = free movement like it currently is
Also as shown in the video above you can blast out multiple keyframes at a time and edit each one independently, this would be insane to have directly in maya provided by ragdoll…

Hey @TheHighFlys, we’re off today but will dive into this on Monday.

Till then, can you share what you are seeing and what have you tried? Also include your OS, Maya version and Ragdoll version.

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you got it, I’ll record a video and post a feature request thread for the rumba feature

Here’s the video demonstrating my struggles with ragdoll as a brand new user~

Thanks for this, it’s good to see first impressions on things we’ve been staring at continuously for months.

2:11: I’d really like to start posing without this happening

The little graphic you are seeing is the undo/redo queue; it’s a visualisation of the clicks and drags you’ve done, and doesn’t actually represent the keyframes. Those are still hosted by Maya, and as you can see on your Maya timeline time has not changed. So when you hit the Transfer button, you are transferring the pose from Ragdoll onto the current Maya frame. It sounds like this is what you expect.

3:10 I still don’t get how to get into interactive mode

It’s true this is an extra step compared to Live Mode itself; we designed this way because Interactive Mode is just a persistent Live Mode. So the settings and visualisation you have in Live Mode also apply to Interactive Mode. At one point we experimented with making it another mode, and it’s possible there are ways to make that work.

3:53 Difficult to pose the Pirate character

Very true, this character was not designed for Live Mode. Ideally we’d have a way to define high-level controls - basically a rig - but at the moment we treat physics shapes as controllers which has its limitations. The Manikin is a good example of a good unification of the two and there are a few ideas in the pipe for how to extend this to characters with more shapes and more complexity.

Happy to jump on a call

Appreciated, we’ll keep it in mind!

2:11 ~ Yes it is, it seemed as if it affected my timeline as well but it was a bit hard to see so that was my bad

3:10 ~ Having some sort of switch or just an easy “here’s interactive mode” and a persistent live mode where I just pose the entire time is exactly what I’m looking for especially when I saw it in the learn livemode docs, it just seemed like a breeze to work with

3:53 ~ That does make sense I guess, hopefully we can get that layer system I was mentioning in the other video I posted in the other thread

Call ~ Anytime! Just let me know through discord anytime you’d like my input or hop in a call, best way to contact me