Install Error (17) occurred - Trail Licence to Commercial Licence

Hi Guys,

Trying to update the licence on my machine and coming up with the below code - have tried uninstalling and re-installing a number of times today and still no good. I did have a trail licence at first last year and just moved back into using this and purcahsed the commercial licence today. We are on verison: 2022.03.16 - Can anyone help pls?

Warning: ragdoll._install_nodelocked() - Ragdoll trial has expired, head into the chat and tell someone!

ragdoll.on_expired() - Ragdoll is expired

// Error: ragdoll.activate() - Unknown error (17) occurred, this is a bug. //

Hi Katie, welcome to the forums. :partying_face: Replying to you all over the place today, email, Discord and forums. :slight_smile:

Error 17 means the licence is being activated on a virtual machine, which is unsupported. Since this involves your licence, let’s continue the conversation in private via email.