Innacurate recorded marker results

Hey guys,

Apologies if this has been asked before - I had a search and didn’t find anything that was quite what I’m getting now.

I have a simple set up with a character sat at a table, getting all this great interaction between the fingers and table top. But when recording my markers, the results are ignoring these interactions and seem to be treating the arms as FK limbs, ignoring the table top. Any ideas what might be up?



HI Ben!

Could be a few things, If the markers are set to translate motion soft and there joints don’t support translation then you’ll be getting the rotations on the fk but the translations that keep it matching the markers will not be present - if this is the case, I’d retarget the IK ctrls to the markers. or turn off soft transforms in the arms.


Ahh yep. I did indeed have some markers on rotate-only ctrls set to translate motion : soft. Much better now - thanks dude!

This is one of the tricky ones that’s hard to visualise, the silent killer!

The semi-new Retargeting UI can help shed some light on most of these (albeit does not take into consideration the Translation Motion (ping @davidlatwe), but just about everything else.

It’s under Ragdoll -> Edit -> Retarget

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