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Hi . Is there a possibility someone can make a short rd help video instruction for dummies?
Im just not finding rd intuitive , still pretty clueless on workflow and still havent been successful at integrating rd into my workflow.
Also is maya 2018 not supported? None of the rd examples files open as they appear in rd menu nor do they work correctly. The spaceman for example loads as varied sized markers and when simulated or in live mode the markers all separate from each other and dont follow the joint structure.

Hey @hockeypuck :wave:

Have you seen this page?

The marker is the keystone of Ragdoll, you may practice it with plugin included asset e.g. Manikin. And you should be able to get the idea about how Ragdoll works. :thinking:

Please do let us know which part of the documentation is not clear enough.
Or is there any specific workflow you want to talk about or integrate with?

Also is maya 2018 not supported?

Autodesk did drop the support for Maya 2018, no one can download Maya 2018 from their product website anymore. But Ragdoll should still works I think, if you can provide a video recording about the strange behavior you are seeing would be great. Would be even better if you can share the log message in Script Editor!

But, we still strongly recommand to upgrade your Maya to 2019+ :slight_smile:

I found Marcus’ latest few vids on the youtube channel very helpful.

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