Import Physics issue

Hello, I have an issue with physics import. If I use
“Preserve Attribute” option my root rigid after import doesn’t have Global Strength attribute and rGlobalStrength shape is missing. If I uncheck “Preserve Attribute” - Global Strength attribute is here, but no limits or shape modifications applied.
version 2021.11.16

Hi @kit, sorry about that. It’s a known problem that hasn’t yet been addressed. Import is getting a revamp in January, along with the removal of Active Rigid and Active Chain in favour of the newer Markers.

Odds are that the Replace Reference workflow of Markers can help solve the problem you were using Import/Export for. If not, January is your month.

Also the forum isn’t seeing as much activity as the chat at the moment, so for quicker feedback - at least until the forum picks it up - have a look here.

Thanks, I’ll try markers approach.

All there is to know about Markers can be found in the last 4 release notes.