Ideas and feedback

Hey Marcus.

Here are some ideas a d reporting a bug.

Bug: using locomotion, after I worked out the locomotion steps, i did change the duration of the motion , let say from 90 to 100 and the setup got deleted. Pressed ctrl Z tp undu the operation and did not work.

1- how possible would be to add independent air resitance per Group of Markers?

2- how possible would be to make the scale of the markers animable. Let’s say i have a cylinder and I want that it affects and collides some other markers as it grows in scale. Would it be possible?

Cheers !

Thanks for sharing @Andrei_da_02!

For (1), the closest thing right now is the Translate Damping and Rotate Damping attributes on each Marker. These two together is “air resistance” and each Marker has its own amount. Their values are multiplied by the Air Density attribute on the solver. But having this on the group makes sense! I think this can be part of the next release, if not the one after.

For (2) this will likely never be possibe. :sob: Things cannot change shape during simulation, and scale is another form of changing shape.

Hm, can you reproduce this? Could it be that you accidentally set the range to 0 first, and then to 100? It would clear values past the max value, but should not clear anything other than that. It should also be totally undoable, so let me know if this keeps happening. I’ll try this as soon as I’m back from holiday next week!

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