I wants more strong way of selection

I using google translate.
Thanks to note that.

I wants more strong way of selection.

How is it going " Drag select about markers. "?

I also wants it.

Link to the part about drag select. ( from docs. )

I wants convert selection.

( Wants multiple OK.)

ragdoll markers → assigned nodes.
assigned nodes → ragdoll markers.

Thanks for reporting this, it’s true drag-select should have been added by now, it has been delayed.

That’s a good idea, I’ll add this to the menu. For the time being, here’s what you can do.

This is the Retargeting UI, and can be accessed via Ragdoll → Edit → Retarget []

If you are good with Python, you can also make your own shortcut like this.


from ragdoll.vendor import cmdx

def markers_to_assigned(markers):
    assigned = []
    for marker in markers:
        for el in marker["dst"]:
            transform = el.input()



from ragdoll.vendor import cmdx

def assigned_to_markers(assigned):
    markers = []
    for node in assigned:
        marker = node["message"].output(type="rdMarker")
        if marker:
    markers = list(filter(None, markers))


These can be dropped into your shelf, for example.


Thanks for the code.
It works perfectly as expected.
It was very helpful. :bangbang:

Thank you for your reply.