I can't figure out why the hands are falling

Hi @uuscoder, thanks for posting here and welcome from Facebook to the forums. :partying_face:

Judging by the video, the arms are connected to the spine, but their pivot is funny. Try visualising the hierarchy to see where they are trying to rotate around.

You can work around it, by either moving the Maya rotate pivot of your control or by placing any Maya transform - like a locator - where you want the pivot to be. And assign to it instead. Then you can retarget the simulation to your animation control. Or assign to your animation control, and reparent to the locator. Both will have the same effect.

See here for an example.

Ok, that looks fine! Just a matter of the spine not being strong enough to hold the arms up. Try making it thicker. Also try and avoid any gaps between each limb.

Hi @uuscoder, just checking in on this, did it work out for you in the end?