How to use mesh from Unity FBX export?

Hi there,

I assigned a marker to a mesh I created using Unity’s FBX export, but for some reason nothing is happening. I noticed that the export from Unity added a few attributes to this mesh, and I’m wondering if that is messing things up? Is there a way for me to convert this mesh to something Ragdoll will like?

Here is a screenshot of the extra attributes and the mesh:

And here is a link to the FBX in case anyone is able to help troubleshoot this:

Thanks ~CC

Hey Cody,

It looks like Shape = Capsule but Shape Radius = 0.03. It’s hard to tell from your screenshot, but is 0.03 Maya units not quite small? Perhaps there is a thin stick of dynamics happening towards the middle of your mesh?

You can either try increasing the radius, or change Shape = Mesh.

If nothing still shows up, would it be possible to share a screenshot without Polygons visible, so we can see what the solver is drawing? I can spot the ground plane in the background, so rendering appears OK. Are you able to record, and have animation applied onto your mesh?

Whoops :sweat_smile:

That is a 100% user error. Thank you. Everything is working correctly :pray:

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