How to re-connect the setup - complete licence

Hello! I have a rig setup I have spent quite a while perfecting. Its working nicely now. I’m working with a “complete” licence so I can’t import/export the setup easily (much more than 10 markers). The issue now, is that the rig is malfunctioning slightly. I expect (having encountered this many times before) I have either keyed a joint/ changed something I shouldn’t have by mistake. (quite a common animation occorence.)

The only solution I know is to bring a fresh rig/transfer my anim - but I loose my entire ragdoll setup then and to recreate it is an hours work at least… (for me) Can anyone suggest another solution (other than upgrading to the "ultimate " licence which isn’t an option in this case)

Hey, good to see you again @Bernie.

The export/import feature is indeed intended for this kind of problem, so it would be the ideal solution. Whether upgrading is worth it would depend on how much your time is worth.

Alternatively, if you’ve been assigning on a referenced rig, it’s perhaps also possible you could replace the reference to an older or repaired version of the rig?

What my time is worth is debateable, haha. In this case, perhaps not equivilent to the upgrade.

Great idea re- replacing the reference, but unfortunatly that’s not giving me luck in this case either, - alas :frowning:

thanks for the quick reply though! :slight_smile:

Hm, in that case the only thing I can think of is taking advantage of the fact that all of Ragdoll is independent nodes in the scene, with input connections from your rig.

If you find a way to export those nodes, making note of what their input connections are, then you could import them again elsewhere. It would involve scripting, Maya would be unable to restore connections if you e.g. “Export Selected”… As far as I know.

I see … this might be beyond my scope - but I will look into it!

thanks for the hint though, I do appeciate it :slight_smile:

I have a workaround… where I just use the busted rig to bake the curves onto and push them to my clean rig… clunky… but it got me through!