How to assign multiple objects without having them link?

I am trying to assign markers to a bunch of shapes, but they all seem to parent under center for some reason.
(I am basically trying to have them all fall as seperate physics objects, but they seem to all be connected and i cannot find a way to keep them disconnected in the assign options)

How can i get all of these to not connect? Is there a disconnect option?

Looks like their pivot is at the origin; Ragdoll simulates the rotate/translate channels of whatever you assign to, so it’s important these are around the center of the object being simulated; for your own sanity.

Technically, you can leave the centers in the origin; the simulation will work just fine. It might just be more tricky to edit those curves.

One way you can address this is by moving the pivots to the center of each brick. There’s a command in Maya you can use, called Modify → Center Pivot. Another way is to parent each brick to a locator, somewhere around the center of the geometry.

I do have them centered, but it seams it’s stilll giving them a parent?

Also tried the locator trick didnt work?

Sorry I’m confused; what is the thing drawn at the origin and what makes you think they are parented? If you lower the ground, and maybe rotate it a little, do they not fall independently? They have a slight separation at the start, likely because their geometry overlaps.

I noticed this is version 2023.10.05, there were a number of patches released after this, up till 2023.10.11, could you give that a try?

See the changes in the comments above that one.

The update fixed it!
Thankyou Marcus!!!

I am running into a new issue though, my record feature does not seem to record the translation, any ideas on what causes this?

There is a checkbox for each Marker to control whether or not to record translation.

Typically for a Ragdoll, only the root/hip needs translation, whereas all other body parts only require rotation. But in cases like this, it should definitely keep this checkbox ticked for every object, so I’ll consider this a bug and patch this up next.

There’s a new version out now, with a fix for that last Record Translation issue you encountered, available here: