Help with cloth


I read these posts about cloth, very interesting!
But I have a problem. I have a character with a long jacket and the leg intersects with the lower part. I used (as said in those posts ) attach to help me but as you can see in the picture the marker doesn´t follow what the attach constraint does.

phys.rag (1.2 MB)

I can`t export the animation so I just uploaded how I set the elements


Seems to be a matter of making that attach constraint stronger.

Does this work for you?

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Absolutelly… since those values started with ‘1’ I didn’t dare to push up so high :sweat_smile:

Thanks again


A lesser known fact about those values is that they all get multiplied by about 1,000,000 internally. :partying_face: See the Drive/Pose tab in the Attribute Editor for the solver. That’s the global multiplier for all stiffnesses and dampings.

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