Help on some attributes

Hello everyone,

I would like little more info in documentation on all attributes for marker under Advance and Extra Attributes menu.


Hi @Dusan, welcome to the forums! :partying_face:

If you can be a little more specific it would help me find the time to document these for you. If you ask for “everything” it will end up on the roadmap instead. :sweat_smile:

If you also include what you expect attributes to do, it will help us clarify what they mean.

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For example, we have Rotate damping under Behavior and under Advance menu, what is difference? Also attributes like Position Iterations and Velocity Iterations. In extra Attributes, I would like to know more about Pose Stiffness, damping and world pose attributes.

Ah yes, thank you.

These are indeed different, but are both “Damping”.

  • Damping can be thought of as “motion friction”. It tries to reduce motion, in this case for rotation.
  • Rotate Damping under Advanced is global whereas the other is local

Global damping prevents rotation from happening altogether, whereas local damping is relative the parent. If both the parent and child rotate - e.g. a typical FK rotation of the upper arm where the lower arm follows - then local damping have no effect.

The Advanced damping for Translate and Rotate are both global, they are the per-Marker multipliers of “Air Density” on the solver. When Translate Damping is 5, and Air Density is 2, the final damping value is 2 x 5 = 10.

These relate to how the Ragdoll solves the final motion. The Position Iteration is the same as the Iterations attribute you’ll find in the Channel Box of the solver. A higher value means more opportunity for the solver to produce stable motion, at the expense of performance.

The defaults are typically good for most motion; they are actually much higher than most, so you can safely reduce it to 4 or 2 if performance is becoming an issue.

Velocity iterations don’t have as much of an effect and can typically be left as is. I have not found a scenarios where it mattered, so if you do do let us know!

Anything under Extra Attributes are unsupported, undocumented and cannot be trusted.

Thank you very much!

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