Hand and Mug

Hi all,

Here’s some cool clips of an upcoming tutorial I’m preparing for SIGGRAPH and then the forums. Enjoy. :blush:

  • The first few clips are assigned joints, with Capsule shapes only
  • For the next few clips I’ve sliced up the hand mesh, and assigned each finger joint its own mesh. For accurate contacts with the mug
  • The mug has been Attach Constrained to the hand, which is activated around the time of lifting the mug off the table. That’s how it manages to stay attached to the hand with more than just friction.
  • All parts of this simulation is Dynamic, nothing Kinematic
  • The upper arm, the main animation, is driven by a Pin Constraint

Because there is nothing Kinematic, it means the simulation is better able to respond to contacts with the ground and mug. I found that if everything is dynamic, once the hand and fingers got into contact with the ground and mug the arm would respond appropriately; being pushes back slightly, based on how strongly the mug and ground is pushing against the fingers. If it was Kinematic, it would not respond to that, and force the fingers into either intersecting, get oddly posed or explode altogether.

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Here’s the scene file, in case you want to play around!

forumhand_v005.zip (1.9 MB)

Saved in Maya 2023, on Windows. But should open just fine elsewhere.

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