Group stiffness?damping


I see that the groups have their own stiffness and damping attributes (both for rotation and translation) but I can’t figure out very well how they seem to work in relation to the values of each marker inside a group.

Where could I find more information about this topic?
Thank you! :grin:

Hello hello!

They multiply the values on each contained Marker.

  • Marker.stiffness = 0.5
  • Group.stiffness = 2.0

Then the final stiffness will be 2.0 x 0.5 = 1.0. The same applies to damping.

Your best bet is to experiment.

  1. Load a default asset, like the Manikin
  2. Edit the group stiffness, and watch the whole character be affected
  3. Edit the stiffness on any marker, and watch only that marker be affected
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