Gripping Objects Setup?

Okay so I’ve been trying to sort this. I’m starting a new scene for my demo reel, this time some more gameplay-focused animations, and I wanted to try and replicate what Jason did in the last crab-demo and only use a fully dynamic model and using pin constraints like IK handles almost. So I made the markers from the FK Controllers (due to how this rig was setup I can’t make it form the joints, as the orientations for the export joints does not match with the controllers so after recording simulation it comes out broken)

I know I can use a weld constraint to keep the sword firmly in his hand, but the issue with that is sometimes you have to slide your hand into a different position of the handle (this is not as crucial with the dominant hand but the other hand often has to adjust its position, so I can’t use a weld constraint) I was using a distance constraint but that’s the result, the sword won’t really move away but it just flops and doesn’t get held by the fingers.

How can I set this up?

Hi! This would be a great use case for the new attach constraint ,it works like a distance constraint but includes rotation.

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I don’t see it among my constraints, I guess my version of Ragdoll is outdated.

I noticed whenever I was trying to use the pins that my arms would twist unpredictably, if the pin constraint is sort of like an IK Handle, how can I control the pole vector?

It’s this one here, and yes it’s brand new.

It’s somewhat like an IK handle, but not to the extent that it has an up vector.

Unlike an IK handle, the Pin Constraint (and Attach Constraint) can be rotated, and the remainder comes from the animated pose of the limb you are affecting.

If you share a video of what you are seeing it would be easier to spot a possible solution.