Gravity "Bind Pose"?

I’m really loving the effect of a little soft translation on the spine for a squash/stretch type of motion, but everything drops/settles over the first 5-10 frames of the animation because of gravity, as gravity tends to do.

It’d be neat if there was a way to kind of set the starting pose as already affected by gravity so that when the sim starts it’s already ‘settled’, so you don’t see the pose drop.

I just saw a paper presented on this for hair sim. Annnnd I found it, here it is:

Or maybe, not entirely the same affect, a way to disable gravity for translation only? I don’t know. What do you guys think?

Hey @Andy, thanks for sharing.

For completness and clarity, I think you are referring to this.

And what you’d like to avoid happening is the sag happening on the first few frames. Try applying an opposing force to your character with a Pin Constraint.

Finding the right value is going to be more art than science, as it depends on the anatomy and shape of your character, as well as how it is animated. But this should get you going.

Let me know if it helps!