Gimbled Maya Anim Layers & Layering simulations

Hi guys,

Very cool tool here, can’t wait to explore more!

Ok, first 10 minutes of use:

  • What if I have one simulation recorded to my rig, but after I recorded this simulation. I want to modify the curves, ie. pose holds, snappier timing, new anim layers adding more animation performance on top of it.

I have noticed with physics based tools for overlaps, the curves tend to gimble, not allowing you to blend one simulation with another, maybe I am missing a solution? These curves in this example shows that the animation would become unmodifiable if you collapsed these layers down into the BaseAnimation.


Hey @jtmuller, welcome to the forums! :partying_face:

Have you tried the Euler Filter on your recorded keyframes? That is typically applied per default whenever you record, but there’s an option not to that may have gotten switched off. See the options dialog for Record Simulation.

Other than that, Maya in general does a very poor job blending rotations between layers. There’s a Quaternion mode which should in theory do a better job, but I haven’t personally had much luck with that either.

Maybe you can show what you’ve found that works, outside of using Ragdoll. Maybe that way I could see whether the same can be made true for Ragdoll.