Fork in Assign and connect

I’m a newbie so this could be a very basic question:

I have a chain that at the end has two “tails” I can connect one of them but not way to do that with the other unless I use an attach constrait but this attached one doesn’t behave like the connected one… not sure how to make it work. Any help?

Hi @vector, welcome to the forums! :partying_face:

When you assign to the two tails, start by selecting their common parent and use Assign and Connect. That way, it will be connected to that common parent.

If you forget to select the parent or select the wrong parent, you can use the Ragdoll → Edit → Reparent menu option.

To see what is connected where, toggle the Display → Hierarchy checkbox in the Attribute Editor of the solver node.


Thanks, Marcus. Reparent did the job.

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