Floating license problem

i want to ask about the floating license
we change the part from the pc (for license server) and after that the floating license keep saying "Not activated (error code: 0x3). You must activate this TurboFloat Server via commandline like this:
TurboFloatServer.exe -a=“ABCDE-FGHIJ-KLMNO-PQRST” "

we tried to deactivated license first but error “Failed to save the deactivation request file. Error code 0x3. Contact support or your system administrator.”

any advice for this problem ?
sorry for my bad english

nb. we use offline activation

sorry problem solve
i revert the hardware from before, then i deactivated, and then i can activate from new hardware

Hi @christian, welcome to the forums and happy to hear you managed to resolve the issue! :partying_face:

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