Flipped markers when record simulation

In some fk chains I got the first element flipped when recording simulation.

Not sure what could be the problem. Any idea?
My ragdoll file
flip_problem.rag (2.3 MB)


Well, I’ve been searching the forum and I found you talked about the Extract simulation tool. The error doesn’t occurs this way and I got something like this

Not sure how I should continue :sweat_smile:

It looks this setting I’ve changed in previous tests had to be changed.
Don’t this settings keep by file? If I changed once it remains for next files I work on?

To clarify, do you mean they get flipped when you Record, or when you Assign? Are only the Markers flipped, or does your recorded controls/joints get flipped too?

If you tell/show me the steps taken to reproduce the error, I can try and have a look locally here.

These are stored alongside Maya’s preferences. So if you change it and close and reopen Maya, they will be remembered, similar to Maya’s own UI preferences.

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Thanks, Marcus. As you see, I found my stupid mistake. Sorry