Field Magnitude 0 ≠ disabled


Noticed a strange behaviour with fields - putting the magnitude to 0 does not seem to completely disable it. The behaviour of the marker is different between magnitude at 0 and if the field was deleted or if the Field Message output disconnected in the node editor. This occurs at least with Newton field and a Marker used as source.

It’s problematic on a referenced rigs when we need to disable the field for certain scenes at a certain keyframes - say for when we want a jet burst to occur in this example.

Recorded a video to demonstrate, used a red line as a guide to showcase the difference and the Newton field is applied to the cylindrical marker in the very back of the model:

That’s very interesting, thanks for sharing. Investigating this now…

Can you confirm this happens on repeated playthoughs? I’ve noticed the change to fields don’t take effect until the it’s evaluated a second time. Still an issue, but it would help me narrow it down!

Thanks for looking into this! I think the result is the same for me on repeated playthroughs:

Ok, I’ve spotted two problems.

  1. A force is applied even when Magnitude is 0. This force is 0, but it apparently has an effect regardless. Seems like a bug deeper into the maths than I’ve had time to look for. I’ve solved this by simply not applying any force when that force would be 0.
  2. Changes to the field aren’t picked up until time has changed. Meaning you can change the magnitude, but it won’t be recognised until you change the frame. As a result, the frame you are on only gets the first change, which is problematic if you e.g. scrub the value. The true value will be present on the second playthrough.

The 2nd one is a little more tricky to address, but not as much of a problem as (1) which I have now fixed in 2022.12.13. Let me know if this solves your issue!


Thank you, good to know there might be a bug after all! Unfortunately, it behaves exactly the same for me after the update.

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Hm, ok I’ll get back to you on this one.

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