Face The Battle!

Hey Gang !

Sharing this sequence I was working the last weeks after work , hoping to win the contest of Movella !
It was fun process… ! and ofcourse ! ragdoll always with me… Lol !

Very cool! Great feeling of air, despite no sound yet. Popped up on my LinkedIn as well, with some more details:

Would it be possible to post a playblast of the Markers? :slight_smile:

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thanks a lot !

Yes, I will prepare some playblast with the two guys I used RagDoll and some quick videos of the Markers

I went and try to find the process… but I figured I did not save the first part… kind of got into the Zone and bake and merged layers while I was animating.

basically what I did, was layer over layer to improve and fix the collision and poses, Tunrning on and off the SIM - Animated …

here’s some examples…

This was my first rough pass…

Then I use for example ON and Off the anim to fix and improve collision.

Once I had something I was happy with, I plote it to the Control Rig and refined it.

Will post the first R&D file that I created

1- Used the Mocap motion as base
2- Layout the direction and motion I wanted to crash the character
3- Use a field to HIT and give proper energy
4- run over and over to fix, slow, etc…

One more…as example


one last… , bake it… edit and continue refining ( I just offset the Markers to show the baked result)

I think that shows the idea of the workflow

Awesome, thanks for sharing!

EDIT: I realised after writing the below that you posted under Showcase and not Feedback, so let me know if you would rather leave the thread for marvelling at the work rather than to gather feedback!

A few things I spot that could be improved with Limits:

  1. Clavicle and shoulder limits could prevent this arm from moving beyond the parallel angle with the clavicle. It also looks like the clavicle has much less mass/volume than the arm, this makes it weak and unable to hold onto the rest of the arm.


Here’s an example of a somewhat realistic clavicle/lower arm.

  1. Twist limits on the lower leg could keep the feet from reaching poses like these two:

image image

Here’s an example of playing with the feet until they feel right. They should simply never be able to get into an unnatural pose, no matter what you do.

  1. Tighter limits on the hands can prevent this too:


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amazing, thanks Marcus… i will improve the limits on that guy!