Expired trial preventing floating license activation

I have an expired trial installed while I was waiting for my studio to purchase some lifetime floating licenses.

I ran the new .msi installer, opened Maya and then entered my activation key but I’m getting the following message:

The key provided is meant for a floating licence server, this here is for node-locked activation only.

I tried to remove all the old ragdoll stuff and then run the installer again, but no luck. I did some searching but couldn’t find what to do in this specific situation.


Hi Andy,

Have a look here, Floating licence - Learn Ragdoll
There are a few steps and some environment variables that been to be edited .

Do you have the license server all setup your end?

Hey Jason!

Yeah, I think there may be an issue with the environment variable on our license server. IT’s gonna check it out tomorrow morning. Thanks for the help.

No Problem :slight_smile: @marcus will see if he can help when he’s up too.

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Hi Andy,

The floating serial is indeed not intended to be used from within Maya, instead it would be used by IT on a server somewhere. Your local machine would then connect to this server via the RAGDOLL_FLOATING environment variable.

The Floating Licence link Jason posted should get you sorted, if not then feel free to get in touch with your serial or email used to purchase the serial at marcus@ragdolldynamics.com I can help you out further.

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So the problem turned out to be that Ragdoll was auto-loading from when the trial was installed. I just had to keep it from loading before I set the environment variable, THEN load the plugin.

The other thing that threw me was that
was throwing an error about os being undefined.

I didn’t realize I had to add import os to the top of the script. Whoops!

Anyway, looks like it’s all working now. Thanks again!

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Normally, the variable is set before even starting Maya. Normally by your pipeline, the tool that is responsible for launching Maya.

In the simplest case, on Windows, that could be via the Environment Variables program.

That way you only set it once, and won’t have to worry about it anymore. On Linux, that could be via the .bashrc or equivalent startup script. On either platform, you can also make a script to launch Maya, that sets this variable ahead of time.


set RAGDOLL_FLOATING=myServer:1234
start "" "c:\program files\autodesk\maya2023\bin\maya.exe"

A few options there! But yes, normally pre-launch if your best bet. That way you can keep Ragdoll auto-loading on startup.

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Oooo, this is very good info. I’ll pass this along to Tools/IT right away. Thanks!

Great, any issues or questions, you know where to go. :slight_smile: