Exist Error on NcvOrig.in mesh for older Ragdoll version

wanna ask some newbie question. i am currently using ragdoll 2023 04 06 version. everything is great, but when i import ragdoll physic, it gives me this error in the end of message:

ExistError: |C_Tail_E_Fk_A_NcvOrig.inMesh

wondering does anyone here know what i have done wrong for this?

Message reply from Marcus from the help chat:

this is a known bug; it has to do with markers having been assigned to NURBS controls, and then importing the geometry from those. It’s been fixed in the latest version, are you able to update?

Alternatively, there are 2 ways to handle this in the older version.

  1. Edit the .rag file in a text editor (it’s a JSON file format)
  2. Apply a patch to the Ragdoll Python source

If updating is not an option, ask this question in a forum thread instead and I can provide one or both of these.

Or, if you can re-export, you can replace any mesh with a polygonal mesh, and export again.

Make sure no NURBS controls are used as the Shape Type=Mesh of a Marker

Hi @Perry_Hsieh, thanks for moving this here.

I know you already updated by now, but in case anyone else stumbles upon this in the future; as mentioned, this bug has been addressed since version 2023.04.09. The patch was very small, so if you are equipped with a text editor, here’s what you can do:

  1. Go to maya/modules/Ragdoll-2023_04_06/scripts/ragdoll/commands.py
  2. Edit line 1461
  3. Replace "inMesh" with b

Find details here: