Error: NameError: file <maya console> line 7: name 'cmds' is not defined

As in the subject. I get this error when I try to change any parameters in Ragdoll UI.
Error: NameError: file line 7: name ‘cmds’ is not defined

However, when making changes in Channel Box, it seems to be okay. It is a very simple scene, maya 2023 and one of the newest RD version,


Thanks for reporting this, investigating.

Thanks. Btw, the new Blend function is a holy grail of animation, but nobody realizes it yet :slight_smile:

Haha, yes I’m glad you noticed. It’s been rather unappreciated so far, but you are onto it.

As for the error, I am unable to reproduce it. Do you think you could guide me through the steps I can take to make it happen on my end?

For example:

  1. Load Manikin
  2. Run Manipulator
  3. Select head
  4. Change shape type