Enemies from venus

Hello there Ragdoll people! I posted here before about a short film I was developing featuring ragdoll dynamics as the main animation and performance component, and I’m happy to say it’s done, and picked up an award already! I’ve always wanted to do a proper 60s british puppet scifi homage and when I first laid eyes on Ragdoll a bit over a year ago or so, I suspected I’d finally found a proper tool to achieve what I wanted - and the suspicion turned out to be true.

All characters, vehicles and dynamic objects here are animated solely through ragdoll. I encountered a lot of problems during the process, but none of those were a result of RD. Thanks Marcus and Jason, who shepherded me through some early confusion!


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So much to enjoy! My favourite part has to be getting thrown into the tube, followed by being thrown out of it. :slight_smile: So much life in the movements, they look truly connected to the world they inhabit. Excellent work all around!

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Thank you! True to ragdoll’s nature, the tube scene was conceived of very late and had a very rapid turnaround - to have the chair actually physically propel the puppet was such a natural way to tackle it!

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