Edit constraint pivots

Sometimes you want one rigid attached to a specific point of another rigid. For example, snapping the corners of two boxes together.

This is one aspect of Ragdoll that needs more thought put into the workflow, so have a go and let me know if you think of something you think would be easier for you.

  1. Select constraint
  2. Run Ragdoll | Rigging | Edit Constraint Frames from the menu
  3. Translate and rotate created locators

Here’s a video of that process.

Some of the things I’m considering as an alternaive to this approach are (1) using the Maya component editing mode a treat constraint as vertices that you can select and manipulate whilst in that mode and (2) a more advanced manipulator, with more control of how and what it does. There’s already a manipulator you can use, if you select a constraint and press T. It doesn’t support undo yet, so beware.