Eating with Radgoll

Hi guys,

I would like to share my studies in flying creatures using Ragdoll to get a more interest and dynamic overlap quickly.
In this case I experiment on how to pick a secondary full body, using ragdoll simulations for overlap.

  1. I’ve done an animation on a dragon for study its flight during a climb or lift off:

2.Then I wish to get more dynamic overlap on the wings, legs, maybe a dynamic tail, so I apply the Ragdoll setup created by Jason. At this point I was interest in learn how to use the tool and yet not comfortable enough to do a setup on my own:

3.Now with this result I was going to try and apply the tips from Marcus on how to get interaction between two dynamic bodies, for that I needed to modify a little bit this rig and create a Ragdoll setup:

4.Import this new setup to the main scene, apply the “attach” constrains, tweak some values a bit and bamm. Got a second character with a overlap and bouncing body, in no time:

5.After tweaking and happy with the simulation, I baked and adjust the results, ready to publish for render:

Hope you like it and have some ideas on how to use Ragdoll.


Lovely lovely, thanks for sharing! :heart_eyes:

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