Easter Bunny

I used a little ragdoll on this little animation.
The ears were simulated to have a funny bounce to it.
The easter egg was simulated on first contact with the bunny and then I deleted the rest of the sim and keyframed it into place.

When the bunny leans down the open egg the ears made contact with it and “sprung” out.
I didn’t set up any constraints on the axis and it jittered a bit (that’s on me)
I just deleted the keyframes where it had an issue and I didn’t need to do any keyframe work, it blended the first and last keyframes beautifully

There is one little plant at the start that is also simulated but it’s hard to see.
The animation was gonna have more plant interaction but it was blocking the subject.

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Lovely. :slight_smile: Any chance you could post a video of the viewport, with the Markers visible? They shed a lot of light on the behind-the-scenes!

Hey there Marcus!

Here you can see the ears flopping around and the bottom part of the egg is also ragdoll-simulated and later on keyframed into the right spot.

Using the NLA editor I went back and added some secondary motion and manipulated the simulated result.

The greyed-out markers on the arms are actually deleted but they somehow appear and are simulated
I can’t locate them in the Ragdoll collection.
Is the way I’m going about that wrong?

I did a test last night right before going to bed and I had the same issue.
The markers I had deleted appeared and were simulated When I jumped back and forth in Pose mode and Object mode < Ragdoll (in the toolbar) they would be gone.
But! when I went to bake what I had, I got a Python error.
I think I can recreate my issue and I’ll send you the error I had.

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Thanks for this!

No this isn’t you, this is definitely Ragdoll. If you are able to reproduce this with a series of steps, or upload a scene with the issue, that would help track this down.

Great, any Python error, please copy/paste it here. Those are invaluable.


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