Duplicate solver for equal characters

Hi again!

How can I duplicate character with solver to use two identical characters in one scene? I have found a similar question, but it refers to Maya and I can’t find same settings in Blender.

It’s a good question, however in Blender the only way currently is to (1) save the scene, (2) open a new scene, (3) append (or link) the first scene twice.

It’s a little clunky, and we’re working on better and more interactive ways of doing this.

If you can elaborate on your usecase, we can make sure to cover this in the future, maybe with an example video or sample workflow?

Well, not a worst way to work) Thanks!

I can’t share this particular character, I’m afraid. But I can do this for the next. What exactly do I need to show in the video?

If you have a workflow in mind, try illustrating it. Maybe by having your character doing some action, and duplicating it the way you would have expected to be able to already. Ragdoll won’t work with the duplicate, but it would help us see what you tried to do and then try and support this.

Alternatively, if you have something you are trying to achieve, show it or list the steps. Maybe there’s an alternative to needing a new feature.

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Ok, I will try)

And another question: how to achieve a cycle motion? For example, to animate tail in Idle animation. Not really sure how to do that considering that physics is recalculated at each start of the cycle.

There’s a tutorial about that for Maya, the concept of which is also relevant to Blender.

Some of the names have changed since this was made, it’s almost 3 years old by now.

  • Pose Stiffness is now Rotate Stiffness
  • Pose Space = World is now the Pin Constraint
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