Drop lease after recording

Hi, so far our main production and Ragdoll rigs are separate but we are trying to merge them into one (=making the Ragdoll the main rig every animator loads).

We were hesitant as we have more animators than Ragdoll licenses but based on the release notes, I thought we would now be able to consume a license only during the recording of the simulation. It seems that this is only true pre-simulation as dropping the lease is effectively closing the current scene.

This reply suggests that dropping the lease is effectively unloading (and I assume reloading) the Ragdoll plugin to drop the lease but it was also written before the unlimited simulation release.

[2023.10.03] Floating licences no longer occupy a seat when simulating, only when recording

Is the behavior we are seeing a bug or a feature? :smiley:

Hey @dominik, long time!

I see what you are saying, however it is still the case that 1 artist = 1 licence.

The reason it only leases a licence on recording, is for exactly the scenario you have in mind; to have Ragdoll accessible everywhere such that the friction between using and not using Ragdoll is as minimal as possible. Artists can both load and play scenes with Ragdoll present, without occupying a licence. We think this helps encourage those within a studio who never used Ragdoll before to try their hands at it with very little effort. But I wonder whether we’ve been too kind. :sweat_smile:

It’s great that you are looking to democratize Ragdoll in your studio, we’d be happy to discuss discounts for bulk-buys as this is also our goal!

It has been!

I completely understand your point! It felt a bit hacky and sounded too good to be true :smiley:

We’ve seen various levels of excitement about our planned changes in the anim team. From not impressed to very excited. We will still move forward with the rollout but monitor license usage and see who is using it regularly and what we can do to increase adoption.
I am sure we’ll talk again soon and can present our findings! :slight_smile:

Great news. Have you seen this yet, for how you can monitor usage?

I did not but I believe our IT dept did. They set something up that looks suspiciously like it :smiley: Thank you!