Dragon/Dinosaur Showcase Version 2

Okay I’ve taken in all the feedback I’ve received from Jason and Marcus, alongside my CG Spectrum mentors and other people I’ve asked for feedback to. I’ve shortened the shot a bit, had to do a lot more work on the dinosaur, and pretty much any change to his animation means I have to re-do the boar, so it’s safe to say I’m tired of working on this shot lol

Can I have some more feedback on this? Soon as my mentor gives me the go-ahead and calls this a finished shot then I’ll do the wing membrane (I’ll turn it into a dynamic cloth simulation so the membrane will actually fold properly) and give this to my VFX guy to put in some fire in the end, then it’s off to a render farm.

I am planning on shooting a vide of how I achieved this current result, what the markers look like as well as several problems and other things I’ve encountered whilst working on this, alongside some before and after so you can see exactly what Ragdoll added to this shot.

Other than this I’m kind of at my wits’ ends with this :rofl:

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Congrats, looks great. I especially like the weight you got in the pig as it drops to the ground, looks really fleshy.

Can I ask what you think of the shot? What are your favourite bits, and where if anywhere do you see things to improve?

I honestly don’t know, I feel like I’m very biased with self-analysing shots, I often tend to be very self critical and just say everything I make is crap hence why I need to ask other people :sweat_smile:

A big challenge for me was figuring out the camera animation, using focal length etc. to have a decent composition, have both characters in the shot as to not break the line of action, whilst keeping in mind that they are huge characters, personally I think something I did at least decently is at exactly 0:10 , with the camera up close to the dinosaur, as well as the neck shake, hence why I added that cut back tot he dinosaur instead of having everything from the dragon’s POV.

But I feel like some good set of fresh eyes on this, especially from more experienced animators, would be beneficial!

Hey Michael, keep up the good job !

Overall this is looking good and coming along ! … this is very chagelling sequence … it is complex and dynamic…

Since you ask for feedback… I will add some 10 cents to your shots.

1- work a bit more on the cameras and staging . "Who is leading what?.. and How is the camera reacting to the characters… “make the cuts with the character in motion/action not finishing or slowing down into it”. Find those main bits and “cuts” later you will focus on reblocking and refining/polishing
2- Break a bit the center frames and use diagonal to connect and to tell the story that you want. That will make the framing more interesting.
3 - Seg:03 ish… break the Symetry pose of the arms on Trex
4- Second shot is really nice… it is all about revealing and discovering the Dragon… pretty cool…
5- Third shot needs a better framing do slightly different camera and bring the attention on the parts and action that you want to show.
6- third shot by the end could use a better tilt up and camera reframing. as the Trex is too close to bottom of framing and too much empty space. (camera could have variation on hight “yT” value seems to be very similar… )
What lenses are you using and what’s your intetion?.. is it the camera looking from far ways? is is the camera present on the cinematic?..

Hope this helps…