Detailed Collision Meshes

Hi all,

Here’s a quick tip for how you can gain more control over your collision meshes, using Maya’s Face Extract mechanism.

  • 00:00 Identifying the problem
  • 01:05 Extracting faces
  1. Select some faces
  2. Face Extract, with Separate Extracted Faces left unticked

Ragdoll will then treat those extracted faces as its own collider shape, a.k.a. “island”. There’s no limit to how many islands you can have, so go nuts. :partying_face:

This is using the default Islands decomposition mode.

The advantage to this over using the Automatic mesh decomposition method is that (1) you get to pick where to slice your geometry and (2) there is virtually zero performance cost added on scene open. The Automatic method can take up to several seconds (to minutes!).